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About Sharon Smalley-Smith

After working professionally for many years as a counselor and therapist, and personally with clients in my private practice through life-changing experiences, I began to lose my own close family and friends. The funeral services I attended seemed so disconnected from who my loved ones had been--there were no moments that brought a tear or smile or an �Oh yes, I remember that !" laugh. It seemed that those people, once so vital and present, had simply disappeared from my life into the Great Beyond. Then, just after the last big disappointing service, I read about people called Celebrants and learned how they personalized funeral services and memorials. I knew at once that I wanted to become one of those whose work is to "celebrate" the lives of people who have died as they, and those whom they leave behind, enter a new phase of growth.

In addition to my work in psychology, my years of being a nationally-recognized speaker--one who has appeared at conventions as well as on radio and television--give me the experience to guide you through a truly satisfying ceremony that will bring your loved one into the hearts and minds of everyone present. I will say what you would say if you could and thereby give a deeper meaning to your experience.

I invite you to contact me, either by e-mail or by telephone, to discuss whatever ceremony you may desire. I am happy to answer any questions which you have and to provide any information that you need before you choose your Celebrant. Depending on your location, we can arrange a meeting or a longer phone call.

Contact Sharon- 407-353-7870
E-mail: MysticSpirit9999@yahoo.com